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"Live Your Wildest Dreams...Today!"

Meet Your Personal Life Guide

Hello Beautiful

I'm Prishna Jimenez Cassan.  I am a wife and busy mother of 4...but most importantly, I'm a lover of dreams.  I am a lover of seeing the beauty in the contrast our universe has to offer and I specialize in maintaining alignment with one's true desires. 

I am here to give so many women the space to imagine, create, and manifest their wildest dreams.  Life has taught me that it is all possible.  I have spent so many years UNINTENTIONALLY manifesting so many relationships and successes that I am so grateful for! 

I can only imagine what more gems and treasures from life that I get to unlock as I venture down a path of INTENTIONAL manifestations! (Come with me sis...for real!) 

In my own journey, I've been able to learn Embody and Amplify Tools directly from my amazing Life Guide Leader, Indrani Phillips. These tools have allowed me to save my marriage, appreciate my children, and heal from the many limited beliefs I had about myself.  I am now showing up in the world as the strong, confident, leader that God intended me to be. 

 I am eager to share what I've learned along the way.  I am eager to hear your story and provide these same amazing tools that will support you with the ebb and flow of life.  I'm here for you and I cannot wait to vibe out with you! 

Much Love, 


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Complimentary Clarity Call

This call will change the game for you!  Get direction on on what you really want and clarity on how to achieve the dream life you deserve! 

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My coaching call with Prishna was sooo good! She opened the session with grounding music playing in the background.  It was such a vibe and I felt very relaxed throughout the call!  Then we worked on my vision statement-she asked alot of questions and helped me get very detailed about my vision.

Minnal Prasad

Prishna created such a safe space filled with love that I was able to dig deep into the work and there were LOTS of tears, but she guided me through my "village" of the future so I could see what living my authentic self would be.  It was a beautiful hour with an amazing coach! I've been telling myself ever since to "Go Right" so I can stay on my path that is beautiful, sunny, and overflowing with beauty and abundance.

Stacie Jacobsen

Powerful and Transformative.

Prishna's style is super calm and chill and grounded... I love her voice and the way she connects with me with her eyes and her demeanor. The flow of the session was just perfect.

Margarita Manwelyan

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