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Meaningful Collaborations

1:1 Queendom Vibe Sessions


Jenell Brown, CEO of William is Artistic

With Prishna's help, I have been truly able to walk and MOVE within my divine purpose. If you have never experienced a life coaching session with her…I promise you, you’re missing out. We all need a Destiny Helper or two to help MOVE us from people, spaces, and environments that no longer serve us.

During my first session with her, she provided me with a Vision Statement that I had no idea that in speaking with her about my vision for my future it would come to fruition. I read my Vision Statement almost daily. I have prayed over it and asked God to continue to MOVE me where He needs me. One thing I shared in my vision statement, was that I wanted to work with community stakeholders to help scale my nonprofit organization and reach families for me to serve. Every day I wake up and MOVE in a way that aligns me with my purpose and vision.

Remember I said, “community stakeholders.”

God has a way of showing us bigger and better than what we ask or ever imagine.

Last week, this lady right here, this Queen who has chosen to rise above her past, this woman who has turned her trials into a testimony, was a guest speaker for the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, Alcohol, & Tobacco, Resource Special Needs Support Group!!!! This is no community stakeholder this is a Federal Agency from Washington DC!

I share all this to say, it’s MOVING Day it is time for us to Move from doubt, Move away from fear, Move anxiety from your hearts & minds, Move from your past, and MOVE into your divine purpose. I know it is not easy, but I promise you that one small move will make a big difference if you just keep on MOVING. 

Prishna is here to support you!


Kelly Watson Principal for STRIVE Prep Sunnyside Graduate Center

I was apprehensive to do life coaching, but Prishna had a unique way of opening me up. She makes me feel incredibly comfortable and supported. I am able to open up to her in a way I have not been able to do with others. She helps normalize what I am going through which allows me to be vulnerable and really open up. In the short time I have been working with her, I can confidently say my marriage and work confidence has improved. Awareness and accountability go a long way in personal growth.


Tiffany Johnson, CEO of Go Slow and Breathe

I was impressed with my first session.  Prishna asked me to describe a perfect day in the life that I was pursuing.  She asked very detailed questions which helped me to visualize my life.  She actually wrote it down and presented my vision statement to me. It was amazing to see my vision on paper. She helped me talk through challenges in subsequent sessions and I have seen my life shift in a major way using the tools she has given me. She has been an awesome life coach and I look forward to future sessions with her.  Thank you!

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