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Queendom Sessions

1:1 Coaching Container

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This 1:1 container helps clients to set clear and measurable goals towards weight loss, anxiety and depression relief, time management, career building, consistent self-care routines, identity exploration, marriage and parenting development.  We can customize to any area of concern in your a complimentary call for more information.

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The container achieves these goals by guiding clients through Indrani Philllip's powerful Embody and Amplify Tools.  These resources have been created with intensive research in Human Design, Understanding Masculine & Feminine Energy and Laws of Attraction.  These tools stretch the client to see alternative perspectives and follow their own intuition on intentional steps towards success.

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Implementation of living the dream you desire starts now!  Our first session begins with a series of powerful and thought-provoking questions that helps the client achieve clarity or a breakthrough with exactly what they want out of life.  From there, we create a beautiful vision statement to allow the client to really feel into their dreams on a daily basis.  Implementation is also supported with a number of artifacts such as video/audio recordings of our sessions, personalized EFT tapping list, audio support for in the moment triggers, and valuable research.

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